The name mireinart refers to my art as Marta Isabella Reina, an Italian illustrator and visual artist based in Bristol (Uk).

Mireinart is composed by my name initials “mir” – which in some languages mean “world”, “peace” or “star” – the surname “Reina“, and the suffix “art“.

Under this name, I create beautiful illustrations in different styles from digital artworks to traditional drawing and painting.

My work as an illustrator started as a need to tell stories I was not able to express with words. By blending together magic, love and macabre imagery I developed a unique and original style that I use also to tell other stories! 

Please find me on Instagram @mireinart for all the latest posts! 


She had a diploma in figurative arts as she attended a high school (Liceo Artistico “A. Frattini”, Varese, Italy) focused on traditional life drawing, sculpture and painting, history of the arts and humanities.

She has also a strong academic curriculum in design as she obtained a BSc, MSc and PhD in communication design at Politecnico di Milano.

She also own a graphic design studio: and is the project leader of

Area of expertise


Design of artworks for book covers, illustrations for books, magazines, news items, feature articles, etc.


Creation of children book illustrations for fiction and educational purposes; and design of animated contents for interactive books and e-books.


Creation of icons and illustrated logos. Design of artworks for posters, flyers and social media contents. Illustrated patterns for textiles and/ or other uses.


I provide illustrations for stationery, cards and calendar, pattern and wallpaper.

Get in touch for a free chat about your project, I am open to commissions of any type!

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