and drawings

My work as an illustrator started as a need to tell stories I was not able to express with words. By blending together magic, love and macabre imagery I developed a unique and original style that I use also to tell other stories! Moreover, I can create illustrations for commercial or technical purposes with diverse techniques also thanks to my art and design background.

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Main subjects and topics:

love romance

myths and archetypes

macabre/spooky art


Styles & techniques

digital art

pen + digital colouring


adobe illustrator

lino printing

carving & block prints


pencils, ink & watercolour

Visual Artist and Filmmaker

It was more than a pleasure to work with Marta. She is an amazing designer with a very elegant and defined style. Designing the poster of my film has been a great experience since day one.

Sheffield, UK


I create cover artworks for books, magazines, etc. and illustrations for news items, feature articles, etc.


I can work on children book illustrations for both fiction and educational purposes and for different target groups. I can create animated contents for interactive books and e-books.


I design icons and illustrated logos. I create images for posters, flyers and social media contents. I am able to create beautiful patterns for textiles or other uses.


I provide illustrations for stationery, cards and calendar, pattern and wallpaper.

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