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Music is one of my greatest interests and as a musician myself I can effectively help you to build your image starting from a nice logo, eye-catching marketing and merchandise. My music knowledge covers a lot of genres and era and I got a strong understanding of music iconography and imagery that is fundamental to understand your needs and interpret your style.

La Ville Entière

art direction


art direction · flyers

hang on the real side

art direction · posters

vivamag festival

art direction · poster, displays, social media

northern soul function

logo design · posters

the appetizers

logo design

shanty town

art direction · flyers

boogie woogie

album cover

dirty living

album cover


logo · flyers

shanty town II

flyers collection


I create cover artworks, booklets and inlays, for Records, CDs and DVDs for all sorts of purposes. I also provide visual contents for music platforms and social network. Graphics are provided to express the music’s essence and I can work on different techniques (drawing, digital artworks, etc.) to provide an awesome output!


I design unique, original and iconic music logos to create a connection with potential listeners. It is best known that well-designed logos have had a huge influence on the success of some of the best bands in music history, then investing into a good brand image is always important to increase the band reputation and recognisability across a variety of media.


I provide promotional materials and merchandise for your music project in all the formats you need. I design beautiful and captivating flyers and posters to promote your events. I create visual contents for social media, website, banner, etc. I do also t-shirts, clothes, hoodies and caps, etc. If you do not find anything you need among this list, feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

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